As Suffah Academy was established in May 2019 to inculcate a better understanding and raise awareness of the beautiful teachings of Islam. We facilitate for all individuals young and old alike to better their understanding and practice of Islam. The academy currently offers a range of dīni services. We have a dedicated prayer hall for the five daily salāh, educational classes for children (maktab/madrasah), Qur’ān classes for adults, distribution of free authentic islamic literature, a masa’il service etc.

Our vision and goal is to expand our services to allow people from all walks of life to reconnect with their Creator.


The Academy initially begins providing Tajwīd Classes for Men.

Madrasah Ibn ‘Abbās is established at an ex-shop premises on Derby Street, Bolton.


Melbourne Road Methodist Church is purchased for £226,000 to cater for the increase in demand for the academy’s services.

Five times salāh begins at the Academy.

The maktab grows from 14 students to 75 students now offering six classes with boys and girls taught separately.


Dars of Qur’ān is initiated by Maulana Suleman Mogradia Sahib in Urdu.

Dars of Hadīth from Riyadh al-salihīn is started by Maulana Ilyas Mogradia Sahib in English.

As Suffah Academy purchased the former Melbourne Road Methodist Church for £226,000 in April 2020, allowing us to further our services to the Muslim community.

Click here to see our new building.

In April 2020, we were able to secure the purchase of the former Melbourne Road Methodist Church for £226,000 through Qardh (interest free loans).

We are currently raising funds to repay the Qardh. Your Lillah donations are appreciated, please click here to donate.