Madrasah Ibn ‘Abbās

Madrasah Ibn ‘Abbās

A fundamental aim of the academy is to provide a Madrasah for children. Our Madrasah strives for academic excellence and tarbiyyah (moral and spiritual training). We cover a structured syllabus and have all our content imparted by qualified Islamic scholars.

The curriculum consists of learning to recite the Qur’ān with Tajwīd, memorising Surahs and Du’ās from The Garden of Prayers and covering the Islamic studies curriculum based on the An Nasihah text books. The Madrasah operates from Monday to Friday during term time from 4:45pm to 7:00pm.

Alhamdulillah, with the Madrasah fully operational, the overall focus is set on Ta’līm (education) and Tarbiyyah (nurturing). In shā Allāh, this will equip the new generation with the necessary knowledge of Islam, instilling within them religious ethics and values and helping them combat the new challenges of time whilst proudly holding on to their Islamic identity.

For further information please contact the academy on the contact form below or call on 07775 761 110

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