Adult Tajwīd Classes Application Form

    Section 1: Applicant Information

    Section 2: Details of Islamic Education

    Section 3: Choice of Course

    Section 4: Emergency Contact Details

    Section 5: Declaration

    Rules and Regulations
    1. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
    2. All students must adorn an Islamic dress code suitable for reciting the Holy Qur’ān when attending classes.
    3. All students will be expected to respect and adhere to the class timings set by As Suffah Academy.
    4. In case of absence, late arrival or early leave requests students should inform their teacher to ensure the class runs smoothly.
    5. As Suffah Academy has the full right to dismiss any student where it seems necessary.
    6. In case of change of address or phone number, one should immediately notify As Suffah Academy.
    If one fails to do so, As Suffah Academy will not be responsible for any occurrences in correspondence or emergencies.

    NOTE: If submit button is disabled, it is because you have not accepted the terms and rules above.