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Want to enrol your child into Madrasah?

Option 1 (paper application):
Simply fill out the PDF Application Form and send it back to us via Email, WhatsApp or in the Post You can find all our contact information on our Contact Us page.

Option 2 (online application):
Please complete the online application form below.

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    Rules and Regulations
    1. All applicants will have to take an admission test, after which the admission will be processed. Applicants must be at least 4 years of age i.e. Reception age when the Madrasah year starts
    2. All students must adorn an Islamic dress code and wear the Madrasah uniform.
    3. All students will be expected to respect the timings set by the Madrasah.
    4. In case of absence, late arrival or early leave requests, the parent or guardian of the student must inform the Madrasah before Madrasah commences or the student must present a written excuse from their parent or guardian to their class teacher.
    5. It will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian to ensure that the student arrives and is collected from the Madrasah safely. The Madrasah will not be held responsible for the safety of the students once they have left Madrasah.
    6. Parents are expected to schedule weekends and holidays in such a manner that students do no not miss class on weekdays.
    7. Parents are expected to ensure that students prepare their sabaq before class. At least half an hour daily is required outside Madrasah to revise sabaq.
    8. The student will be responsible for any damage caused to the Madrasah (e.g. graffiti), and any cost will be borne in full by the parents or guardians.
    9. The Madrasah has the full right to dismiss any student where it seems necessary.
    10. In case of complaint or any matter, one should consult the Headteacher either verbally or by writing. Parents should not contact Teachers directly, whether in person or phone.
    11. In case of change of address or phone number, one should immediately notify the Madrasah. If one fails to do so, the Madrasah will not be responsible for any occurrences in correspondence or emergencies.
    For complete details on Madrasah policies and procedures, please refer to the Madrasah handbook.

    Note: If the submit button is disabled, it is because you have not agreed to the terms above.